... You and I are Gonna Live Forever
Supersonic (1994)

01. Supersonic
02. Take Me Away
03. I Will Believe (Live)
04. Columbia (White Label Demo)

Shakermaker (1994)

01. Shakermaker
02. D Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman
03. Alive (8 track demo)
04. Bring It On Down (Live)

Live Forever (1994)

Cigarettes & Alcohol (1994)

01. Cigarettes & Alcohol
02. I Am The Walrus (live)
03. Listen Up
04. Fade Away

Whatever (1994)

01. Whatever
02. (It s Good) To Be Free
03. Half The World Away
04. Slide Away

Some Might Say (1995)

01. Some Might Say
02. Talk Tonight
03. Acquiesce
04. Headshrinker

Roll With It (1995)

01. Roll With It
02. It s Better People
03. Rockin Chair
04. Live Forever (Live)

Morning Glory (1995)

01. Morning Glory
02. Its Better People
03. Rockin Chair
04. Live Forever (live at Glastonbury 95)

Wonderwall (1995)

01. Wonderwall
02. Round Are Way
03. The Swamp Song
04. The Masterplan

Don't Look Back In Anger 1996)

01. Don t Look Back In Anger
02. Step Out
03. Underneath The Sky
04. Cum On Feel The Noize

Champagne Supernova (1996)

01. Champagne Supernova (Radio edit)
02. Champagne Supernova
03. Slide Away

D'You Know What I Mean? (1997)

01. D You Know What I Mean?
02. Stay Young
03. Angel Child (Demo)
04. Heroes

Stand By Me (1997)

01. Stand By Me
02. (I Got) The Fever
03. My Sister Lover
04. Going Nowhere

All Around The World (1998)

01. All Around The World
02. The Fame
03. Flashbax
04. Street Fighting Man

Dont Go Away (1998)

01. Dont Go Away
02. Cigarettes & Alcohol (live from GMEX)
03. Sad Song
04. Fade Away (Warchild version)

Go Let It Out (2000)

01. Go Let It Out
02. Let s All Make Believe
03. (As Long As They ve Got) Cigarettes in Hell

Who Feels Love? (2000)

01. Who Feels Love
02. One Way Road
03. Helter Skelter

Sunday Morning Call (2000)

01. Sunday Morning Call
02. Carry Us All
03. Full On

The Hindu Times (2002)

01. The Hindu Times
02. Just Getting Older
03. Idler s Dream
04. 30 second DVD clip

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (2002)

01. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
02. Thank You For The Good Times
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. 30 second DVD clip

Little By Little/She Is Love (2002)

01. Little By Little
02. She Is Love
03. My Generation
04. 30 Second DVD clip

Songbird (2003)

01. Songbird
02. (You ve got) The Heart Of a Star
03. Columbia (Live)
04. 30 second DVD clip

Lyla (2005)

01. Lyla
02. Eyeball Tickler
03. Wont Let You Down

The Importance Of Being Idle (2005)

01. The Importance Of Being Idle
02. Pass Me Down The Wine
03. The Quiet Ones

Let There Be Love (2005)

01. Let There Be Love
02. Sittin Here In Silence (On My Own)
03. Rock N Roll Star (Live At City Of Manchester Stadium July 05)

Lord Dont Slow Me Down (2007)

01. Lord Dont Slow Me Down
02. Meaning of Soul (Live At City Of Manchester Stadium July 05)
03. Don´t Look Back In Anger (Live At City Of Manchester Stadium July 05)

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