... You and I are Gonna Live Forever

Definitely Maybe (1994)


1) Rock 'n' Roll Star
2) Shakermaker
3) Live Forever
4) Up In The Sky
5) Columbia
6) Supersonic
7) Bring It On Down
8) Cigarettes & Alcohol
9) Digsy's Dinner
10) Slide Away
11) Married With Children
12) Sad Song (Bonus track)

(What's the Story?) Morning Glory (1995)

1) Hello
2) Roll With It
3) Wonderwall
4) Don't Look Back In Anger
5) Hey Now
6) (untlited)
7) Some Might Say
Cast No Shadow
9) She's Electric
10) Morning Glory
11) (untlited)
12) Champagne Supernova

Be Here Now (1997)


1) D'You Know What I Mean?
2) My Big Mouth
3) Magic Pie
4) Stand By Me
5) I Hope, I Think, I Know
6) The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
7) Fade In Out
8) Don't Go Away
9) Be Here Now
10) All Around The World
11. It's Getting Better (Man!!)
12. All Around The World (Reprise)

The Masterplan (1998)

1) Acquiesce
2) Underneath The Sky
3) Talk Tonight
4) Going Nowhere
5) Fade Away
6)The Swamp Song
7) I am The Walrus
8) Listen Up
9) Rockin' Chair
10) Half The World Away
11) (I'Žs Good) To Be Free
12) Stay Young
13) HeadShrinker
14) The Masterplan

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (2000)

1) Fucki' in The Bushes
2) Go Let it Out
3) Who Feels Love
4) Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
5) Little James - written for James
6) Gas Panic!
7) Where Did It All Go Wrong?
8) Sunday Mornin Call
9) I Can See A Liar
10) Roll It Over

Familiar To Millions (2000)

01. Fuckin’ In The Bushes
02. Go Let It Out
03. Who Feels Love?
04. Supersonic
05. Shakermaker
06. Acquiesce
07. Step Out
08. Gas Panic!
09. Roll With It
10. Stand By Me

01. Wonderwall
02. Cigarettes & Alcohol
03. Don’t Look Back In Anger
04. Live Forever
05. Hey Hey, My My
06. Champagne Supernova
07. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
08. Helter Skelter

Familiar To Millions (single CD) (2001)

01. Go Let It Out
02. Who Feels Love?
03. Supersonic
04. Shakermaker
05. Acquiesce
06. Gas Panic!
07. Roll With It
08. Wonderwall
09. Cigarettes & Alcohol
10. Don’t Look Back In Anger
11. Live Forever
12. Champagne Supernova
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Heathen Chemistry (2002)

1) The Hindu Times
2) Force Of Nature
3) Hung In A Bad Place
4) Stop Crying Your Heart Out
5) Songbird - written for Nicole
6) Little By Little
7) A Quick Peep
8) (Probably) All In The Mind
9) She Is Love - written for Sara
10) Born On A Different Cloud
11) Better Man

Don't Believe The Truth (2005)


1) Turn Up The Sun
2) Mucky Fingers
3) Lyla
4) Love Like A Bomb
5) The Importance Of Being Idle
6) The Meaning Of Soul
7) Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
8) Part Of The Queue
9) Keep The Dream Alive
10) A Bell Will Ring
11) Let There Be Love

Stop The Clocks (20.listopad 2006)


1) Rock 'n' Roll Star
2) Some Might Say
3) Talk Tonight
4) Lyla
5) The Importance Of Being Idle
6) Wonderwall
7) Slide Away
8) Cigarettes & Alcohol
9) The Masterplan
10) Live Forever
11) Acquiesce
12) Supersonic
13) Half The World Away
14) Go Let It Out
15) Songbird - written for Nicole
16) Morning Glory
17) Champagne Supernova
18) Don't Look Back In Anger

Incredible Riots (???)
26.August 2008

 (zatiaľ ohlásené songy)

"I Wanna Live in a Dream in My Record Machine"
"The Boy With the Blues"
"Stop the Clocks"
"A Sad Day in the World"
"Lord Don't Slow Me Down"


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